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My Studio is part of my home that was originally built in 1924. It is located in the lovely neighborhood of Avondale at the corner of Hershel Street and Pine Grove Avenue, near the St. John's River. It is surrounded on three sides by lush gardens, and is ideal for outdoor events.

My style is eclectic renaissance. I encourage you to stop by for a tour of The Music Studio, The Salon, The Clay Cottage, The Crystal Tea Room, The Dragon's Den, and The Pantry.

My music studio is located adjacent to my sitting room where guests are welcome to wait for those taking lessons. My crown jewel is my childhood Steinway parlor grand piano that I received at age ten. Most of my piano students begin on the Studio's Roland RD-300SX digital piano that contains a full keyboard of 88 pressure sensitive keys. As a student's skills improve they have an option to also play on the grand piano.

My studio features many other instruments to include: cello, classical and steel string guitars, violin, banjo, mandolin, baritone ukulele, soprano ukulele, harps and mountain dulcimers.Percussion instruments ideal for drum circles include: djembe drum, dumbek drum, frame drum, talking drum, steel drum, electronic kalimba, temple bells and ballaphone. 

House concerts and "jam sessions" are held throughout the year. I like to keep it casual and encourage guests to bring food and drinks to share. Creating a community space where people can share their love for music and the arts is important to me.

I post all my events on my Facebook page. I invite you to attend and become part of the family!

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